Remember school days? When it was boring and not-cool to be nerd. Well, it turned out couple of years later that being nerd is actually good. However, for good result you need to know school clowns and tough guys.

Guess what!

We teamed up them all.
Eventualy, you can meet them all…

Smart Eight Bitz is a consulting agency.


Good plan begins with: ‘we want’
Best plan begins with: ‘we have an idea’

And if you have first one – don’t worry, we will provide an idea.

we know strategic planning.


We know how. That’s all that matters. Yes, we really know, but are always opened for suggestions. So if a client has a special request, you can fill a form, just down the hall and send us on a address: The Cupboard under the stairs, 4 Privet Drive. Little Whinging. Surrey.

Bad joke, right? Why so serious…
Of course you can say how you want something to be carried out. And if you don’t know (let’s go on the begining of this writing) – we know how.

project management is our strong point.


As if. Nothing is as easy as it looks. But we will make it easy – for a client. For a service provider it is never a smooth ride. It can just be an ‘already known’ or a ‘familiar’ trip, but it is always challenging.

And actualy we do not see that as a bad thing. Why? Because every challange, brings something new. Something new, means that it will probably be hard to achieve. Achieveng hard – means result. Result, means that we improved.

Don’t worry. You won’t feel a thing.

we make solutions.

no problem.

Relying on a previous – that it will be an easy for you, it means that there will be no problem. Harmony. Your problems we will handle, and suffer like a #!@#%%… but don’t care about that. Because all you should care – is you.

piece a cake.

innovative: always.


And there it is – the result. Maybe it was a bit bumpy, or maybe it was our perception? Anyway it was our pleasure to deliver required. And we will do it again. If we are asked. If not, we will improve, and than come again.

But bear in mind: we will provide you result you ask for.

sustainable is a must.


Gradska opština Savski venac

Turistička organizacija gradske opštine Savski venac

Grad Sombor

Grad Subotica

Opština Apatin

Opština Irig

Skijališta Srbije

Krovna organizacija mladih Srbije

Lokalna samoorganizacija

Grupa za analizu i kreiranje javnih politika

Grad Valjevo

Did you know?

percent of projects are cancelled before completion

percent of projects go over budget

percent of projects miss their deadlines

percent of projects fail to achieve their deliverables

out of 100 projects get "re-started"

precentage of project, cost 189 percent of their original estimates